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US Middle East Plan ‘betrayal of Islamic world’: Iran supreme leader

US Middle East Plan ‘betrayal of Islamic world’: Iran supreme leader

Tehran: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has attacked the United States, saying its Middle East Plan is a “betrayal of the Islamic world”.

The plan which has been prepared by US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner will be unveiled during the Peace to Prosperity Summit on June 24-25 in Bahrain, reported Sputnik

“The plan is a betrayal of the Muslim world and the summit’s sole objective is to materialize America’s wrongful, treacherous and evil scheme for Palestinians — which they [Americans] have called ‘the deal of the century’,” Khamenei said on Wednesday.

The deal is aimed to end Isreal and Palestine’s decades-old conflicts. Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs both want the same land. Palestinians protesting against Israel have demanded a separate state with self-governance.
So far, the speculation is that the upcoming deal does not include a two-state solution, which was promoted by
several countries.

Last month, Kushner had also said that the US may pull back from the longstanding mention of a two-state solution with Palestine.

Palestinians are not yet capable of governing themselves, he added.

“If you say ‘two-state,’ it means one thing to the Israelis, it means one thing to the Palestinians,” Kushner said at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Various analysts have also alleged that the US has framed the deal keeping its ally Israel’s interests in mind.
France’s outgoing ambassador to the US, Gerard Araud, had claimed, “The US peace deal for Israel-Palestine conflict will be very close to what the Israelis want, and 99 percent doomed to fail.

Majority of Arab countries have also signaled that they will oppose the US’ plan if it will favor Israel and undermine Palestinians’ demands.

Last week, during the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Summit, the 57- member states vowed to reject all proposal for a peace settlement that does not conform with Palestinian rights.

In its final communique on Saturday, the OIC summit held in the Saudi city of Mecca condemned “any illegal and irresponsible decision that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel”, including a recent US decision.

However, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have said that they are planning to attend the conference.

The supreme leader also chided Saudi Arabia and Bahrain for supporting American “anti-Muslim plans”.

“This meeting belongs to the Americans, but Bahraini rulers are hosting it due to their weaknesses and anti-Muslim and anti-popular stand,” he said.

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