Vinay Dubey forming Third Front

By Waris

Benaras: Live TV anchor, Rajesh Agrari interviews Vinay Dubey, Misra and other members of their group. Dubey is an Indian Politician, activist and social worker. He runs Uttar Bharatiya Mahapanchayat NGO in Mumbai.

Dubey came from Mumbai to Banaras with his group. When asked by the anchor why he came to Banaras, he replied that he is actually from Banaras and came specially to support Dr Kafeel Khan. He returned to Banaras after a long time and wanted to see whether PM Modi has really developed Banaras as Kyoto.

MS Education Academy

Benaras is representing the hollow boasting words of PM Modi

He said that he was staying in one of the best hotels of Banaras. As soon as he stepped out of the hotel to have a look at the development in the neighbourhood of the hotel and the Banaras city, he understood what progress the city has made. The city was representing the hollow boasting words of PM Modi that he used in his speeches. He said, there was no security at all in Banaras. Even at Banaras airport, there were no proper measures to check Corona virus. They were checking body temperature from a distance with a thermal machine – nobody knew whether it was in working condition or not. He said that he was travelling from Mumbai, which is the biggest hub of Corona virus. Even if there was a single patient in the flight, he would have spread the virus in the whole of Uttar Pradesh. The checking and security process was just a formality at the airport. They [BJP] cheat people by their words as they did in Gujarat. They are doing the same all over India and we are facing the consequences.
He further said that if this present situation of Corona virus and the condition of hospitals continue, then 90% of the population of the Uttar Pradesh will be affected and they will have to pay the price.

Vinay Dubey wants Dr Kafeel Khan’s release

Misra said that Vinay Dubey came here especially for Dr Kafeel Khan, to try for his release and he went to Allahabad High Court too. But, due to the Corona virus, the hearing of the case was adjourned. He further added that Vinay Dubey then turned to Banaras, he thought that he too must go to Banaras with Vinay Dubey to support him, so that he could become the strong voice of North Indians. Dubey wanted to show the public, the reality of Banaras which is misrepresented by the wolves of Gujarat, who painted a wrong image of Banaras.

Dr Kafeel Khan

Health Minister did not receive the brokerage

Another person from the Dubey group asserted that CM Adityanath is mad at Dr Kafeel since the oxygen supply was discontinued by Madhukar Private Company Ltd to Raghudas Medical College in Gorakhpur. Bharatiya Janata Party’s Health Minister stopped the payment to Madhukar Company as he did not receive the brokerage from them. As a result, 60 -70 children have died. Dr Kafeel started revealing the reality of this issue and arranged oxygen cylinders by paying money from his wife’s account and saved the lives of Hindu children. Since then, Dr Kafeel was regarded as an angel. He said, a slogan was spread in Banaras in praise of Dr Kafeel, ‘insaan k roop mein ek farishta hai Dr Kafeel Khan, jisne bachai hai Hindu bachon ki jaan’ (Dr Kafeel Khan is an angel in the form of a human, who saved lives of Hindu children).

CM Adityanath threatened Dr Kafeel Khan

That person further added that CM Adityanath visited Raghudas Medical College and asked Dr Kafeel ‘are you Dr Kafeel? want to become a hero? we will make you understand.’
This person questioned ‘what is the mistake of Dr Kafeel? Is he a greater offender than the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and the offenders in the UP? Does anybody have an answer?’ He further asked, why the court is not releasing Dr Kafeel on bail?

Dubey said that there is no relation between Dr Kafeel and National Security Act (NSA) and said, they [Vinay Dubey group] abused BJP government and their ministers, and NSA is applied on Dr Kafeel. He was doing a good job for the people; just to take revenge, he had been charged with NSA. Dubey further added that Gorakhpur was Yogi Adityanath’s constituency — 80 children died there and the laps of mothers were deserted. He [Yogi Adityanath] does not want anybody to raise a voice against him. He wants to create fear and wants to give an example that if anyone speaks against him, he will be charged under NSA. He further added that today’s youth is not coward, let them [BJP] do whatever they can. He said that the time is over for BJP. There is a wave against them all over north India.

200 Brahmins killed in last three years

Misra said that BJP has come into power by taking majority of votes from Brahmins and within one month, 35 Brahmins were killed and in last three years, 200 Brahmins have been killed. Who is answerable for these killings? Asked Misra.

Another person among the group said that the public would send people like Yogi Adityanath and General Dire to jail. He further added, our country’s Prime Minister is so shameless; when came to Banaras for the first time, he said nobody invited him and that he did not come on his own. “Ma Ganga has invited me” said Modi. When the bridge fell down in Banaras and 60 people perished under it, the PM of our country was horse trading in Karnataka. We cannot hope anything good from these fellows. We can only expect Hindu-Muslim riots, Jamat and Islam issues from them, and they are concerned on how to jail those who speak against them. He further said satirically; ‘if a country’s newspaper carries the advertisement of gutka on the first page, then it is obvious that spit would be found on the inside pages’.

Vikas Dubey’s encounter

Vinay Dubey gave example of Vikas Dubey who was killed in encounter. He said that he welcomes the killing of criminals of any caste or religion. But he questioned that if Vikas Dubey surrendered himself, why would he try to run away? Although he is happy about Vikas Dubey’s encounter as he was not a good man, he raised another question that why the wife of Amar Dubey (partner of Vikas Dubey) was arrested and jailed just three days after her marriage. She had nothing to do with the case and she belonged to a poor family and her parents are weeping. He said the government has a revengeful attitude; they are harassing you and me. The government could dismantle our houses and encounter us. The government has no answer when it is asked how a person who has 60 FIRs against him can roam freely. The government does not have answers to such questions, that is why they kill persons in encounter or put them in jails.

PMCares Fund

He further questioned where the money is being spent from PMCares fund. The government did not help the poor or arrange trains for labour by that money. They are spending that money to strengthen their own government and to buy the Members of Parliament (MPs). They got this courage because the MPs which we have elected are cheap fellows who sell themselves as vegetables in the market. Otherwise, the BJP can do nothing. Therefore, people should think twice before they elect their MP.

Yogi Adtiyanath was weeping in the parliament

A person from Vinay Dubey’s group said that a 16-year-old boy got killed in an encounter and a criminal is ruling by becoming a Chief Minister [Yogi Adityanath] He further added;
‘I am proud of a Brahmin who took the bullet on his chest, otherwise I have seen Rajputs weeping in the parliament. Yogi Adtiyanath, has he forgot that he was weeping in the parliament begging for his life to be saved, otherwise the police would kill him’.

He further added, when a criminal rules; it is obvious that he would give way to crimes.

Formation of Third Front

Misra added that in order to reveal the crimes and injustices of PM Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath and Amit Shah have made an alliance of youth from Mumbai, Bihar and UP and are trying to form a third front. By the blessing of Baba Vishwanath we will win the cruel BJP.

Modi is doing business with our Tiranga

One more person from the group said, from the PMCares fund, they have purchased MPs from Rajasthan to Bihar. He further added that if he [PM Modi] is talking of boycotting China, why he did not close down 110 Chinese companies that are still running in Gujarat? He said that during his tenure as Gujarat’s CM, Modi had gone to China 5 times. And from the Chinese podia he announced very clearly that in whatever way China likes, the progress of Gujarat would take place in the same way — reflecting his double standards. He further added, BJP has always done business; he recalled the time when Modi himself said on the stage that he is a Gujarati and business is in his blood. Now, he is doing business with our Tiranga [Indian flag]. “You would not get such a dirty Prime Minister who sold out our National Flag. He is taking the country towards disaster” he said. He further pointed out at the railway issue in Diesel Locomotive Works, Varanasi (DLW) ground, Modi had said that nobody knows railway better than him as he was born on the railway and sold tea on platforms. Nobody knows whether he sold tea on railway platforms or not but, one thing is sure that he robbed jewellery from his home and ran away. He further added, Modi said whatever money is received from the railways it will be spent in the development of railways. Now, he privatized the railway. He said that in today’s media, questions are coined and played with. How Amitabh Bachan is being brought in the limelight, in disguise of being affected with Corona virus while the four thousand crore scandal of Punjab National Bank was camouflaged from the public under this rumour. There are scandals all over the country but they are being hidden by the Godi media and Dalal media.

BJP candidates and leaders would be beaten like dogs

Vinay Dubey further added that Electoral Commission would not give door to door permission for campaigning, otherwise the BJP candidates and leaders would be beaten like dogs on the street. He said during this lockdown, there will be virtual rallies and campaigns and elections will be conducted. He further said that when he had started movement in Mumbai, there was only Congress and Shivsena, there was no Modi or Yogi, then why do people ask him why he is always against the BJP he asks. He said that when he raised the issue of labour, whether Maharashtra administration was giving ration to the labour properly or not, BJP had nothing to do with that. They are running a campaign against him in the social media that he is against the BJP. Vinay Dubey asks questions against the policies of the ruling government, because the ruling government is the one who is answerable not the opposition.

A useless PM has been born in this country in seventy years

Vinay Dubey further added, since the BJP has come into power, they have started a movement to destroy the Muslims completely and gradually they will destroy the Hindus too. Instead of giving importance to education and medical facilities, they are neglecting those issues and diverting the public to Hindu-Muslim disputes. He says they have modus operandi behind this i.e. they need vote bank. They think that if they say Jai Shree Ram, their vote bank will increase. But they forgot that a man should be alive to say Jai Shree Ram. If a man is not alive at all, from where they will get the vote in the name of Jai Shree Ram. The public has understood all these policies and now the public is realizing that they have made a grave mistake. In seventy years, such a useless PM has been born in this country, who is known by the name of Narendra Modi, said Vinay Dubey.

Objective of Uttar Bharatiya Mahapanchayat

Misra added that they had met in Banaras to discuss how they are going to start their movement and how could they tackle the issue of Dr Kafeel for his release. They are also going to discuss about their movement in other states like Bihar, West Bengal, Telangana, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. He said the BJP government has utterly failed in handling the migrant labor’s problem. Vikas Dubey was the one who talked with the government for sending the migrant labourers to their destinations on his own expenses, which made the BJP government humiliated. Because of this, Vikas Dubey had to spent more than one month in the jails of Maharashtra.

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