Viral food video: Aam season ruined with Mango waali Maggi

Maggi has been an eternal part of every stage of an Indian. Whether its college-wali maggi or pahado-wali maagi or raath-ke-1baje-wali maggi or school-break-wali maagi, there are many.

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Maggi is too personal for everyone. But what happens when Maggi is exploited. Well, so this happened. An Instagram food vlogger with the handle – @thegreatindianfoodie – uploaded a video that shows a street vendor making ‘Mango Maggi.’ Err, yes you heard it right and if you have cringed after reading this, congratulation, you are still sane.

The video shows a street vendor adding oil, Maggi masala, and then Maggi. Everything seems just perfect at this point when suddenly she throws a bottle of mango juice in that mixture!

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The Maggi is soaked in that after which she serves it on a plate alongside cut mangoes and more juice. Quite hydrating!

The video has received an insane amount of negative comments. One commented, “I need to scrub my eyes with detergent. What is this unholy hell???”

Another one commented, “Kindly add location so that someone can reach over and offer counselling.”

One more commented, “Goddd! Find me another planet..”

And to end it all there was a comment that echoed everybody’s reaction, “Seriously need a dislike button, please. Maggi is still an emotion and the most priced food for many.”

Please let Maggi live.

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