Wall Street Journal in government’s crosshairs


New Delhi: The reporting by the Wall Street Journal that the Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer was killed by a mob of Hindus and not be the Muslims has spiraled into a confrontation between the Indian government and the business newspaper.

There are reports that the WSJ reporters, Krishna Pokharel, Vibhuti Agarwal and Rajesh Roy

Rajesh Roy did the following reportage which says a story which is totally different from the government sources.  Completely overlooking the        WSJ report, the police have  in the meantime arrested Tahir Amanullah, an AAP corporator.  The police also charged him with the crime.  The police have also said that he was involved in money laundering.

But, the WSJ, has stood by its report the photocopy of which is attached below:

The police officers reacting to the charge of their complicity in the riots that claimed over 60 lives left behind several hundred houses looted and ravaged have issued a disclaimer.

According to published reports the complaint to deport the deputy bureau chief of WSJ, Eric Bellman was first originated from a tweet.

Due to this complaint by an unidentified individual, Prasar Bharati News Services (PBNS) tweeted that the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has asked the Indian Embassy in the US to consider deporting Eric Bellman, WSJ’s Deputy Bureau Chief in India.

The reason for such a request was WSJ attributing the death of Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer Ankit Sharma to an armed mob chanting “Jai Shri Ram.”

That too, by quoting Ankur Sharma, the deceased IB official’s brother.

Speaking to PBNS, Sharma, claimed that he never gave such a statement to WSJ.

Later, MEA Spokesperson Raveesh Kimar has clarified that no such decision had been taken as the complaint against Bellman is still under routine examination. Subsequently Prasar Bharati deleted the tweet.

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