Want super performance in bed? Practice yoga

New Delhi: More and more people are uncovering the benefits of practicing yoga, but little do they know that yoga can bring energy to the bedroom as well. Experts say that yoga can improve your sex life if it is done under proper guidance.

Stress plays a major role in your sex life. Increase in stress levels can have negative effects on the body, in turn, reducing sexual desire.

Practicing yoga makes ones mind tranquil that makes the process of cerebral tissue oxygenation occur in deepest of human tissues that send micro-nutrients and blood supply to the tiniest parts of our brain and the genitalia.

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“Daily stress, smoking, alcohol and excess sugar intake – all hamper sexual performance in both men and women to a great extent. Yoga calms the mind and helps increase blood flow to the private parts,” one of the nation’s top sexologist, Prakash Kothari, told IANS.

Kothari advises two yoga postures to his patients — Havasana (corpse) and Vajrasana (kneeling).

While Shavasana leaves you in a state of rejuvenation, reducing blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia, Vajrasana makes the body exceptionally strong and healthy.

“Vajrasana also helps in digestion which is key to good health and increases the flow of blood to the whole body,” said Kothari, founder-adviser of the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS).

According to New Delhi-based yoga expert Anjali Sharma, yoga can improve sexual functions and your interpersonal relations as a whole.

“Yogic practices help in reducing stress and anxiety, which are wearing you down mentally. It helps to reduce fatigue and improving muscle strength. Yogasanas help in increasing the pelvic and back muscle strength as well,” Sharma told IANS.

“Yoga teaches you to have a sound body and mind, which has a positive effect on all your functions including sexual functions,” she added.

Yoga poses which are helpful includes Urdhva Mukha Svanasana, Setu Bandhasana, Kandharasna, Balasana, Padmasana, Badha Konasana, Marjaryasana, Titali Asana, Kapalabhatti Kriya (in a controlled way), Nadi Shodhana Pranayama.

“Yoga boosts your stamina, increases your flexibility. So we can say that the connection between yoga and better sex life is promising,” Sharma said.

“As it calms the mind, yoga improves the dialogue between the two individuals that leads to intimacy in the bedroom, and beyond,” Jyoti Kapoor Madan, senior consultant (Psychiatry) at Gurgaon’s Paras Hospitals, told IANS.

So, when you count various health benefits of practicing yoga, remember that doing yoga could be your ticket to a super performance in bed.


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