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Warangal: Mother booked for bid to sell infant

Warangal: Mother booked for bid to sell infant

Warangal: The mother of a sevenmonth-old kid on Tuesday allegedly tried to publicly sell the infant for Rs.1,000 on the grounds that she could not meet the child’s needs due to her “husband’s failures”.

She was caught by the police at the Warangal Bus Station, where she attempted selling the child. Upon being rescued, the kid was handed over to the Child Welfare Department by the police. The child was subsequently sent to Shishu Samraksha Gruha.

According to police, the parents of the kid, Sujatha and Rajaiah, belong to Pembarthi village in Jangaon district. They used to quarrel with each other over trivial matters, going by their neighbours’ accounts. On Tuesday, Sujatha left home in a huff after a fight with Rajaiah and reached the Warangal Bus Station.

Subsequently, she tried to sell the kid for Rs. 1000, saying she was unable to provide for the needs of the kid on account of her husband’s failures.

Some residents of Jangaon and neighbours of Sujatha then informed the police, who passed on the information to the Child Welfare Department. Soon, officials of the department arrived at the bus stand.

Subsequently, however, the woman gave a different version of the happenings to the Child Welfare Dept officials. She claimed that she had come to Warangal two days ago and had fallen short of money to return home.

“While I was trying to borrow money for my return journey, some people chased me and demanded the sale of the kid,” she alleged. Sujatha further said that she took her kid to MGM Hospital for treating an ailment 20 days ago. In view of the conflicting versions, the woman was taken into custody, while the kid was sent to a rescue home.

The Child Welfare Committee chairman Parushuramulu, who accom panied the child welfare department officials, told media persons that the mother was not in a sound mental condition and hence the kid was moved to the rescue home.

The mother would be counselled and given orientation before the kid is handed over to her family, Manjula, a member of the Shishu Samrakshana Committee, said.

Authored by Mohammed Hussain


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