Watch: Jamia Shooter shares video of gun pointed at children from vehicle in Haryana

Ram Bhakt Gopal, who had been bailed out of jail shortly after his stint of shooting at an anti-CAA (Citizen Amendment Act) protester outside Jamia Milia Islamia during the Delhi riots in January 2020, has yet again sparked another controversy with provocative Instagram videos.

In videos that surfaced on Twitter, originally shared on his Instagram, a group of people can be seen dragging an alleged “cow smuggler” into a van. The men can be seen holding and pointing guns and rifles at the helpless man being lifted into the vehicle.

In another video, a gun is seen being pointed at people, mostly women and children as the vehicle passes by houses on the streets. People run indoors, shutting their doors behind them as they fear for their lives. The caption is “Gau Raksha Dal, Mewat Road.”

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However, the reels do not exist anymore on Instagram. Ram Bhakt Gopal, who has a following of 13.1k, has also made his profile private. He is often referred to as Godse 2.0.

Who is Ram Bhakt Gopal?

A youngster who identifies himself with the name Ram Bhakt Gopal was booked after shooting at an anti CAA protestor back on January 30, 2020.

At that time, he was booked as a minor and was let out on bail after a few months. He regularly posts videos on his social media accounts bragging about his “bravery” and the ammunition he possesses, mostly pistols.

He is known for delivering hate speeches against Muslims. On one such occasion, he spoke about ‘Love Jihad’.

He said, “Do you not have big cars? If they can take our sisters, can you not pick up their sisters? You don’t even have to change your name. Save them from halal and hijab. Bring them to the sanatan dharma with respect.”

He ended his speech by raising a provocative slogan against Muslims, “Jab Mulle Kate Jayenge… (When Muslims will be killed)” as the crowd cheered, “Ram Ram Chilayenge (they will scream Ram Ram).

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