When writer Oliver Stone spoke on military history of US

Washington: Joe Biden became the President-elect of the United States after defeating President Donald Trump in a closely contested election. He is set to become the 46th president of the United States.

Meanwhile, some people believe that the new president will not only try to find solution to Israel-Palestine issue but also avoid indulging in any war.

Speech of Oliver Stone

However, in 2017 Writers Guild Award, Oliver Stone, American director, producer and writer had held system responsible for the wars that America fought. He said, “It wasn’t one leader, but a system, both Republican and Democrat”.

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Speaking on the military history of US, he said, “In the 13 wars we’ve started over the last 30 years, spent $14 trillion and perished hundreds of thousands of lives from this Earth.

He further said, “It’s a system that has been perpetuated under the guise that these are just wars justifiable in the name of our flag that flies so proudly over our lives. Our country has become more prosperous for many but in the name of that wealth we cannot justify our system as a centre for the world’s values. But we continue to create such wars and chaos in the world”.

Invasions, regime change, soft power

Continuing his speech, Oliver said, “No need to go through the victims, but we know we’ve intervened in more than 100 countries with invasions, regime change, economic chaos, hired war and soft power. Whatever you wanna call it, it’s war of some kind. In the end, it’s become a system leading to the death of this planet and the extinction of us all”.

Giving the suggestions to the writer, he said, “with all the criticism and insults you’ll receive, and the flattery too, it’s important to remember, if you believe in what you’re saying and you can stay the course, you can make a difference! I urge you to find a way to remain alone with yourself, listen to your silences, not always in a writer’s room. Try to find not what the crowd wants, so you can be successful but try instead to find the true inner meaning of your life here on Earth. Never give up on your heart in your struggle for peace, decency and telling the truth, he had added.

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