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Who can check vehicles, constable or officer?

Debate rages on SM; rules say only officers can

Who can check vehicles, constable or officer?

Hyderabad: A debate is raging over who should inspect vehicles – a constable or a police officer in social media. Who is authorised to inspect the vehicles? Two videos of vehicle riders objecting to a constable checking vehicles have gone viral on the Internet.

In one of the videos, vehicle riders are seen arguing with constables for inspecting their vehicles saying he is not authorised to do so. At the same time, a case is filed against a man for preventing a police constable from discharging his duty.

The rules say that an officer of the rank of SI or above has the right to inspect vehicles. Moreover, the vehicles documents should be inspected only in the presence of officers.

Neither police constables nor home guards have the right to directly inspect vehicles. People can complain to police higher-ups if the rules are violated. If videographic evidence is produced, punishment can also be awarded to erring policemen.

In Telangana, there is a cashless system of collecting traffic fines. No police officer can collect money on the pretext of inspecting vehicles. If an officer demands cash, the same can be reported in a complaint. Action can be taken against an officer found guilty.

Under Section 41 of CrPC, persons moving under suspicious circumstances and their vehicles and equipment can be checked by a police officer without permission from anyone. In such situations, even police constables can check people and their vehicles.

Police officials say that while constables can’t check vehicles on their own in normal circumstances, the members of public can’t misbehave with them in any manner either. On the other hand, if a police personnel behaves rudely with anyone affecting their rights, a complaint can be lodged against such acts.

Authored by Mohammed Hussain, mohammedhussain.reporter@gmail.com Twitter: @writetohussain

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