Who is responsible for demolition of secretariat mosques?

Hyderabad: Who is really responsible for the demolition of two mosques in the secretariat? This question has been haunting Muslims even since the demolition took place. Everyone wants to know why the political and religious parties failed to stop the government from demolishing the mosques.

Apparently, MIM the allied party of the government and the Forum comprising of its supporting parties and organisations are demanding reconstruction of the mosques at the same place but in fact that demand has no weightage. Forcing the government to reconstruct the mosque is nothing more than rhetoric.

MIM knows it very well that it has no choice but to support the government for its political interest. Now the leadership has no courage to face the public hence it is trying to deviate public attention from the mosques issue. For this purpose, they have launched a campaign to remove Waqf Board chairman Mohammed Saleem, instead of mounting pressure on the government to restore the mosques, so that the gullible Muslims forget the issue of demolition of mosques.

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Demolition of the mosques is the failure of the claims made by the Muslim leadership. They knew that KCR would demolish both the mosques for the construction of new secretariat. Despite knowing the plan of KCR, MIM and the Forum maintained criminal silence and waited for the demolition so that they could later assuage Muslims by issuing protest statements in Urdu media. General Muslims are uneasy on the demolition of the mosques and they want the supporting parties of the government to come into action and mount pressure on the government for restoration of mosques. They don’t want just lip services but they want them to begin protest.

The apathy of MIM and the forum shows that they are more worried about their political interests rather than the mosques. KCR by appointing some representatives of Muslim parties has succeeded in stopping them from protest. During the past 6 years, the government enjoys the support of MIM and the Forum on its every right or wrong decision. To put a veil over its failures and negligence, the MIM and the Forum have begun targeting the Waqf Board chairman. People know it very well what powers the Waqf Board and its chairman posses. All the powers rest with the local party as it holds the steering of TRS’ car. There were instances in the past that whenever any honest officer of Waqf Board or Minority Welfare Department tried taking action against the illegal occupants he was transferred overnight at the behest of MIM.

Besides KCR and his government, MIM leadership and the Forum too are equally responsible for the demolition of the mosques. To divert public attention from the issue, MIM and TRS in a planned manner have started campaign against Waqf Board chairman. Sadly the Muslims holding the government jobs do not want to give up their posts for the sake of the mosque. The Forum President himself is the chairman of Urdu Academy and other representatives of MIM and the Forum also hold various positions in the Waqf Board, Hajj committee and Telangana Public Service Commission. If they all jointly resign from their posts demanding restoration of mosques, it will no doubt build pressure on the government.

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