Why Mathematical Physics is required

When a student enters class XI the science subjects which he has studied till class X get more application oriented. The student has to apply the concepts learnt to the practical situations, write the mathematical equations and solve for the unknown quantities. This requires a thorough knowledge of some basic mathematical skills such as algebra, trigonometry, geometry, vectors,  calculus and their applications. Without knowing these skills a student can not solve even the basic applications (problems).

The students learn certain mathematics except calculus, vectors but no applications upto class X. When they enter class XI they are asked questions in kinematics where the application of graphs and calculus becomes essential. As a result they start developing a negative mind set towards physics in the beginning itself and they never come out of this mind set. But if they are given inputs on mathematical skills they will not have this difficulty and will do better in physics. They will develop a tendency of deriving the formula rather than just remembering it. Their confidence level shoots up.

Therefore before starting up and rushing through the physics chapters they must be given the required mathematical competency to handle the situation.

MS Education Academy
BAASHA(physics-gold medalist)

For NEET aspirants of AP and Telangana where the students don’t study mathematics the mathematical inputs is all the more necessary. In the NEET physics paper set by NTA many questions are based on application of mathematics where the students of these two states face difficulty as compared to their counterparts from other states where students can choose mathematics as an optional along with biology. In the year 2021 the performance of AP/ Telangana students in all India level took a downward hit because of mathematical physics paper.

During the covid pandemic time the students in high school could not learn effectively in the online mode. Their school level mathematical foundation became weak because of which their understanding of physics is suffering in class XI. This is a very serious problem at this moment. The dream of a common student to get into an IIT or a good government medical college may remain unfulfilled just because of the lack of basic foundation. We won’t allow it to happen to any sincere student who has not got the right opportunity as yet. Our aim is to provide just this to them. If mentored properly by the right experienced faculty they would do wonders. Competition in all India level becoming tougher day by day.

Prushti (IIT-Kharagpur)

We have been teaching for IIT and medical entrance examinations for more than 25 years till now and made a mark for ourselves as successful teachers. We have been nurturing students and helping them in their honest endeavour to excel in IIT JEE and AIPMT / NEET. We want to take up the responsibility of building our nation through this present generation.

From the above discussion it is clear that there should be a course on mathematics application in physics for both JEE and NEET aspirants at the beginning of the class XI for boosting their confidence in problem solving. Due to the request from the parents we are planning to hold these classes every Sunday from 9 to 11 AM. And also during Dusserah vacation. We request the sincere students to utilise this opportunity provided by us at Hyderabad.

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