Why there is not a single channel owned by Muslim? A Dandiya

Avinash Dandiya posed a question to Muslims that why there is no Muslim channel in India while in 1960s,  black Americans launched their own TV channel by the name Black TV to fight against the white Americans and that helped them a lot.The Khans of Bollywood have cricket teams of hundreds of crores of rupees in India and also outside.

Their movies cost 300 to 500 crores. Why don’t they have their own channel? Sometimes Muslims run to Congress sometimes to NDTV.

What problem do they have?

Questions Dandiya. He says Muslims have become puppets, they can be used as pawns anywhere. He addresses to the Muslim community and says, he who has good intentions about you will speak the truth while the one who does not have good intentions about you, he will never speak the truth. 

Because they abhor Modi Ji. Muslims are not hating their poverty or illiteracy but they are hating a personality and because of this, their problems will never be solved. “Modi ji is there today, tomorrow he will not be there. But your problems are prevailing since seventy years.” He says that the Muslims who are handling the media like Facebook, YouTube they are duping the Muslim community. He further says that Muslims are not educated enough so that they can argue with someone; they have the specialty of spoiling good things.

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The Muslim community already has several leaders but they don’t support them. But they have the habit of becoming followers of Congress, Shiv Sena, RSS, NDTV, Ravish Kumar. He advises Ravish Kumar to be careful of blind followers because blind followers are not relatives of anybody.  He adds, all those who are failures in this world become blind followers. 

He claims that he is saying the truth and speaking outright because he loves Muslims and wants them to progress. He says that he doesn’t like the wound that the Muslim community has received. He further adds that the Muslim religious leaders or political leaders will never tell the truth to them because Muslims are their vote bank.

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So why would they care about the Muslims?

He says to Muslim youngsters that Muslim daringness looks good only in movies, not in real life.  He advises them to ask Shahrukh Khan why he purchased 500 crores KKR cricket team in West indies instead of purchasing TV channel so that masses could have watched and listened to the truth about the Muslim community.

All the channels are making anti-Muslim propaganda. He advises the Muslim community that they have to strengthen the bricks of their own house instead of others, then others will be afraid of you. He advises Muslim youngsters to shut the social media channels that they are operating. As they have already wasted time in spoiling their future, they are now sinking the ship of their own community. They don’t have their future anymore.

Avinash Dandiya is a resident of Plano suburb of Dallas, Texas. He is founder of Team Clean Jaipur (TCJ) and ScreamsOfSoul.Org.

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