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Working to ensure criminals do not go unidentified: DGP

Working to ensure criminals do not go unidentified: DGP

Hyderabad: Certainty of being caught and certainty of being punished make people afraid of committing crime rather than death penalties. Death penalties may not stop people committing crime, but certainly the certainty of being caught and punished may prevent them from committing the crime.

The very same people who are more law abiding in the west behave otherwise here, because, there they know that they can’t escape. But, there are more chances of going scotfree and unidentified. But, this will soon be the thing of past. We are working more towards this aspect. The ability to detect and punish the offenders is the basic foundation of law enforcement in this state said Mr. Mahendar Reddy, DGP, Govt of Telangana.

Addressing the Ficc flo members here today he said that many big cases have been solved in 24 to 48 hours. The next big thing after solving a case and finding offenders is getting them convicted. We were successful in getting culprits punished in many sensational cases including recent 9month old Baby rape case in Warangal he shared.

The top cop accompanied by his colleague Swati Lakra, Inspector General of Police (Women’s Safety) Telangana. I/C SHE Teams & Bharosa had a Face to Face interaction with 100 plus FICCI Ladies(FLO) members here in the city on Saturday morning.

Sona Chatwani, Chairperson of FLO while welcoming gathering quoting Albert Einstein said, “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who watch it and don’t do anything about it”. Progress is possible where there is a peace and harmony she stated.

The soft spoken top cop Mahendar Reddy gave his next five year blueprint. We would like to be the first in the country in standardizing safety, security practices and enhancing it along with the changing times. And it is also our endeavour to improve quality of investigations. That is our first goal

The second point on the agenda is improving emergency response management. Currently in the city it is well within five minutes, 10 minutes in semi urban area, 15 minutes in rural areas. The state’s average has been 12 minutes, he stated. Third priority is the women safety as they form half of our population.

As lifestyles are changing and people are more on to digital mode of life nature of crimes are shifting to digital platforms. So police is reorienting themselves towards the same. We have the best Cyber Crime Lab; the best Talent dealing with cyber crimes and we have best of the best state of the art equipment he said The fourth priority area is traffic management.

The fifth pillar of our blueprint for future policing is establishing uniform service delivery across the state. We are working towards rendering same quality of service delivery standards across the state.

Telangana Police think that technology could be force multiplier. Man power alone cant’t help. Technology is important for ability to perform he said.

Moreover as the very nature of crimes is also changing from traditional crimes to cyber crimes. So the focus is more on technology. Also for effective law enforcement and to punish offenders we need evidence based enforcement. That is why our focus is more on embracing latest technology, he added.  We have installed five lakh CCTVs in the city. Our goal is to reach one million. London city has one million and we want to reach that number and offer evidence based policing to the people in the city as well as the state.

We have 67000 police force in the Telangana. We have added 194 new police stations and 50 new supervisory offices. We have appointed 10,000 force and recruitment of another 18000 force is in process. We are way ahead of our peers in other states as far as police force modernization is concerned.  We are committed for the uniform delivery services, the shared.

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