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Would love to meet Modi, says Left supporter Bengali woman in viral video

Would love to meet Modi, says Left supporter Bengali woman in viral video

Kolkata: The Bengali woman whose video clip lauding the achievements of Narendra Modi government in spite of being a dedicated Left supporter went viral on social media on Monday said if given an opportunity, she would love to meet the Prime Minister someday.

Rina Saha, a resident of West Bengal’s Raiganj, had said she is overwhelmed by Gujrat’s development under the Modi government while giving an interview in Hindi when the Lok sabha polls were going on in Bengal.

Saha said she has asked her aides and relatives to vote for BJP in the 2019 polls, but said she herself cannot do the same due to her long-term loyalty towards the Communist Party of India-Marxist.

She had also said she was not happy with Mamata Banerjee’s rule in Bengal, claiming it would require close to 100 years for the state to become like Gujarat.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mentioned Saha’s video during his public meeting in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad on Sunday.

“I saw a video of a sister from Bengal in the internet. She hailed me and said Gujarat has become a heaven under BJP’s rule,” he had said.

Incidentally, BJP candidate Debashree Chowdhury has pulled of a stunning victory in the Raiganj Lok Sabha seat, where Saha lives.

When asked to react about the Prime Minister’s comment, Saha stood by what she had said earlier and mentioned she would love to meet Modi someday.

“Of course I want to meet Modi. Certainly I would love to meet him if I get a chance,” she said.

“When I went to Gujarat in March, I was overwhelmed by the development there. I can have affinity towards a specific political party or ideology, but that does not mean I cannot support the good work done by an honest individual from a different party,” she added.

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