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‘Yoga’ a life-saver for heart patients: Study

‘Yoga’ a life-saver for heart patients: Study

Yoga could be a lifesaver for people recovering from a major heart attack found a new study.

The research presented at the European Society of Cardiology congress in Paris, studied almost 2,500 people recovering from heart surgery found breathing exercises and stretching boosted circulation and strengthened the heart.

A three-month programme of yoga while recovering from surgery following a heart attack resulted in lower risk found the Indian team.

The research team found that people recovering from a major heart attack when undertook breathing exercises and gentle body movement daily are likely to die 16 percent less over the next five years with the participants’ hearts efficiently pumping blood around the body.

Team lead author Professor Naresh Sen, from Hridaya Ganesha Sunil Memorial Super Speciality Hospital in Jaipur said these participants undertook three months of one hour programme specifically designed for cardiac patients that incorporated yoga and meditation in the morning along with a pattern of breathing exercises in the evening.

The trial involved patients who had suffered the most serious type of heart attack with major arteries blocked and all had undergone surgery to widen the vessels, using a stent to allow blood to flow more freely.

The trial found that there was a relative drop of 16 percent in mortality rate in the patients who undertook the three-month yoga programme with their heart performance improved with an 11 percent boost to the left ventricular ejection fraction.

The benefits remained even after adjustments for differences between patient groups, Professor Sen revealed.

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