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Zomato India post on Kiss Day leaves Netizens in splits

Zomato India post on Kiss Day leaves Netizens in splits

New Delhi: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner but before that the new hilarious post by Zomato India on Kiss Day leaves Netizens in splits.

Zomato’s tweet

February 13 is celebrated as Kiss Day and Zomato India’s tweet has took the internet by storm. The tweet by Zomato India read, “Why French kiss when you can kiss French fries?”

The restaurant aggregator played with emojis to put forth their quirky wish for Kiss Day. It first shows a sad face when the fries are distant, however, as they place next to each other, the emoji used is a happy one.

So obviously, the tweet went viral, thus, leading to some hilarious jokes, memes and really good sarcasm on Twitter.

Reaction of Twitterati

A user wrote, “One Burn calories, while the other is source unnecessary calories.”

Another wrote, “French fries don’t kiss me back.”

A post read, “It”s the same like why zomato, when you can eat tomato.”

“Rate at which it”s going, will be able to only kiss it and not eat” read another post.

A user remarked, “No. French Kiss is much healthier option then French Fries.”

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