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Islamic Model for Control of AIDS (5)


Qur’anic (Dynamic) Paradigm of Health: – 21 In my book, “Islamic Model for Control of AIDS”, I had coined certain messages, which are worth reproducing here: · The real happiness is in restraint, not rollicking. · Relations outside marriage...

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An open letter to Tarek Fatah !!


I have watched many of your speeches, lectures, talk shows and debates which you delivered at different venues. I do not know why did I listen to those lectures and allowed my blood to boil and burn. Probably, I just wanted to fathom how much poison ...

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Questionnaire on Uniform Civil Code


A glance over the questionnaire on Uniform Civil Code (UCC) reflects the haste with which the questionnaire was drafted. Several grammatical and spelling mistakes in the questionnaire is one such pointer. More importantly, with due respect to the tea...

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Note ban a bolt from blue in UP?


Lucknow: The decision to scrap Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes has come at a time when assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh are due and parties normally keep aside a substantial amount of unaccounted funds for campaigning. Though the parties are tig...

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Islamic Model for Control of AIDS (1)


Qur’anic (Dynamic) Paradigm of Health: – 17 Islamic Model for Control of AIDS (1) Dr. Javed Jamil   In the last chapter, I have elaborated the definition of health, based on Qur’anic teachings. I have also introduced the concepts like comprehe...

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