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100-days action plan for Old City not implemented: Who is responsible?

100-days action plan for Old City not implemented: Who is responsible?

Hyderabad: Governments have announced various packages for the development of Old City in the past but these have not been translated into action. Isn’t Govt. serious about the development of Old City or the representatives of the Old City do not want development? These are the questions which are making rounds in the minds of the people.


Govt. officials told that they are interested in the development of Old City on the model of New City. The required budget will also be sanctioned but the local representatives did not exert pressure on the Govt. for the sanction of budget and developmental scheme. Perhaps this is the reason that the announcements of development are the fate of the Old City.


Dr. YSR had announced the package of Rs. 2000 crore but after his death, this was shelved in cold storage. His successors did not show any interest in the implementation of this package and the peoples’ representatives also did not draw the attention of the Govt. In this manner, the problems of the Old City are increasing day-by-day.


TRS Govt. had announced to resolve traffic issue, construction of flyovers, Metro Rail project and shifting of Chanchalguda Jail and Race Course. Not a single promise was implemented so far. The latest example is the declaration of 100-day action plan announced by Mr. KTR, Minister of Municipal Administration and Information Technology. Soon after taking charge as the incharge Minister of Hyderabad City, he had made the announcement of 100-days action plan. There are only 3 weeks left to complete 100-days. No separate developmental plan was prepared for Old City. Due to this reason GHMC did not take up the works of expansion of roads and other basic amenities. KTR has concentrated on only one project, which is “Charminar Pedestrians Project”. 100-days action plan includes the role of GHMC, Hyderabad Metro Water Works, HMDA and HMR. Quli Qutub Shah Urban Development Authority which was constituted for the development of Old City has been neglected. KTR had made an announcement that 2500 autorikshaws would be used to collect garbage from every house. A plan was prepared to construct 569 roads but according to the information received, the construction work of only 270 has been started. The construction of 50 new bus bays was announced but only 19 have been constructed so far. Online sanction of house building was announced but out of 10000 applications received only 4000 have been finalized. Out of the 40 model markets only 2 have been constructed.


GHMC Officials said that 50% work of the action plan has been completed but strangely enough GHMC has no list of the works completed in Old City.


This only speaks of the lethargy of the peoples’ representatives and the Govt. officials. The Corporators of the local political party, on the condition of anonymity told that they had made representations for taking up certain developmental works but these proposals were overlooked by the officials. When the concerned MLAs were informed about it, they only gave assurance.


The MLA of the ruling party told that it is not possible to implement 100-days action plan. Under this plan, Govt. propose Rs. 200 crore for the construction of BT Roads, Rs. 30 crore for cleaning the drainage lines, Rs. 100 crore for women’s self help groups. Not a single self help group of women got any money. Rs. 20 crore was allocated for the construction of compound walls of Govt. buildings and lands. Re. 1 crore was allocated for cordoning the graveyards. For the construction of 359 mini sport stadiums was the part of action plan. It was also promised that 32000 new water connections would be given but no action has been taken in this regard. People of Old City will get nothing but disappointment.


–Siasat News