12% reservation is the only way to develop Muslims – Amer Ali Khan

12% reservation is the only way to develop Muslims – Amer Ali Khan

Hyderabad: The future of the Muslims is associated with education and there is no other way to develop the Muslims except 12% reservation. The campaign started by Siasat Urdu Daily has reached every nook and corner of Telangana State. These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while addressing a public meeting at Sadhashivpet yesterday on “Muslims, Education, Employment and Reservation”. Mr. Mohammed Nayeem Wajahat, Staff Reporter of Siasat Urdu Daily and Abdul Qader Faisal, Secretary, Working Journalists’ Union attended the meeting as Guests of Honour. Mr. Amjad Husain, Ameer, Jamate-e-Islami, Medak and associate member of Sadhashivpet Municipality, Mr. Akbar Husain, President, Eidgah Committee, Mr. Mohammed Haji, President, Press Club, Mr. Meer Nawazuddin Samad, President Madina Masjid Committee and others attended the meeting.


Appreciating the educational activities of Al-Ameen Educational Trust, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that the darkness of illiteracy could only be removed through education. Education can bring prosperity in the lives of the Muslims. Educational awareness is being awakened among the Muslims. Despite getting education, Muslim youths are being deprived of employment. If Mr. KCR provides 12% reservation to Muslims as promised, many Muslims would benefit.


Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that he started a campaign for 12% reservation for Muslims with the permission and guidance of his father, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily. He further told that he visited all the districts of Telangana and created awareness for the reservation. He made an attempt to exert pressure on the Govt. in a democratic manner in which he was successful. He said that reservations can only guarantee the development of the Muslims. Muslims should forget the past and prepare strategy for the future.


Continuing his speech, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that Siasat Urdu Daily did not confine itself to journalism but it started many welfare activities to encourage the Muslims. It is running 39 training camps to impart vocational training. If the girls of Sadhashivpet are interested in seeking admissions into these vocational courses, Siasat Urdu Daily would provide its services.


Pointing out the budget allocation for Minorities provided by Govt. of Telangana, Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that a sum of Rs. 1100 crore has been allocated for minorities but only Rs. 340 crore were spent in the last year. He said that by enhancing the budget, the fate of the Muslims won’t change but by providing 12% reservations, Muslims would get benefits in education and employment.


Mr. Amer Ali Khan further told that in order to benefit out of the opportunities provided by the Govt. it is essential that the Muslims should qualify for them. He advised the Muslims to follow the Islamic way of life. He pointed out the first wife of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Bibi Khadija was very strong financially. She used to transact business by wearing Hijab. The wives of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) are our guides. The girls should follow the footsteps of Bibi Khadija. He also told that the Muslims should be prepared to face the challenges.



–Siasat News