Monday , August 21 2017
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12 year old girl suffers from ‘warewolf syndrome’

Bithi Akhtar, a 12 year old girl from Bangladesh is suffering from a rare disorder of ‘warewolf syndrome’ or hypertrichosis. The condition is so severe that her body is covered in thick black hair from head to toe that look like wool all over her body. However other medical experts suggest she may also be suffering from hirsutism – excessive growth of hair that is usually thick and dark.

Bithi’s father, Abdur Razzak, who ferries passengers on a rented motorcycle and makes £30 a day, took a loan from bank and Bithi to the capital her to Dhaka. There, he had admitted her to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujb Medical College. He said “I have already spent a lot of money on Bithi’s treatment even though that has not paid off well. But my daughter’s condition has shattered me. I am heartbroken to see her in pain and live a life of recluse. I want to give her a normal life and I am determined to get help from specialists. I borrowed £100 from bank and brought her straight to the hospital. I am hoping they will give the best treatment to Bithi.”