17-Year-Old Chinese girl found with 4 kidneys

, 7:45 AM IST

Beijing: A 17-year-old Chinese girl has been discovered with four kidneys when she visited the hospital complaining about the repeated back pain.

Xiaolin had undergone through ultrasound which showed her with four kidneys. She was healthy all her childhood but visited hospital for treatment after having lower back pain regularly first she thought it was premenstrual syndrome. But after her period the symptoms did not ease away so she began to worry.

Xiaolin’s doctor said that she was suffering from a disease called renal duplex monstrosity. “The mortality rate for this is one in 1,500 people, which means most of the people would not even realise they have this problem,” a doctor said.

The extra kidneys cannot be easily removed and used to help others in need as it attach themselves to the regular functioning kidney.

The doctor said. “Consequently, functionally speaking, extra kidneys cannot be removed and used to help others in need.”

Doctors eventually performed a ureteralreplantation surgery and kept all of Xiaolin’s kidneys. Now Xiaolin is recovering well from the operation .