Saturday , August 19 2017
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The 2nd Hyderabad Kayakathon will be held on Feb. 28

Hyderabad: Hosted by the Yacht Club of Hyderabad in partnership with Telangana Tourism the 2nd Hyderabad Kayakathon will be held on Sunday February 28 at the hottest tourist spot in Hyderabad, The Hussain Sagar lake.
The Hyderabad Kayakathon is Hyderabad’s first water based endurance test and as against the Marathons and 10K runs that exercise the lower body the Kayakathon tests upper body endurance and fitness. It has become the largest water based event in Hyderabad apart from the Monsoon Regatta in July.
This time the finals in the open category will be starting at the Yacht Club and going around the Buddha Statue and back creating the ultimate upper body endurance test for the citizens of Hyderabad.
“The Hyderabad Kayakathon is attracting larger participation each year and is now a huge event that the water enthusiasts of Cyberabad, Hyderabad and Secunderabad look forward to.” said Suheim Sheikh The President of the Yacht Club
The event is open to all ages with special prizes from Decathlon for kids and all women teams and family based entries.
This is the first year in which there will be a special Family Championship where kids will be accompanied by the parents on the same Kayak and race to win the Family Trophy. (NSS)