Friday , August 18 2017
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7-year-old girl who has sent a job application to Google bags her first job



Chloe Bridgewater, age 7, who has written a letter to Google expressing her interest in working at a place that provides bean-bag chairs and go-karts for their employees has bagged a job as a product tester along with her five-year-old sister Hollie at a tech company called Kano.

Kano is a DIY computer kit designed to help people of all ages assemble a computer from scratch, and learn basic coding skills. The two sisters are appointed to test all its new devices before they come into the market.


 Kano said. “They will be sent every new Kano product before it comes to market, with the task of building the kits, working through the software and putting our whole product range through its paces.” 


The company also added that. “Every quarter, they will be on a video call with Luke Abrams our VP Product where they will share their experiences, and insights on how to make our products even better.”


Few months back Chloe handwrote a letter to the CEO Sundar Pichai, discussing her qualifications like, she likes computers and has a tablet on which she plays games. Including references like “My teachers tell my mum and dad I am very good in class and am good at my spelling and reading and my sums.”


After receiving the letter the ‘Google boss’ has replied telling her that he looks ‘forward to receiving’ her job application and encouraged the young girl to follow her dreams.

Andy Bridgewater, Chloe’s father, posted the response to LinkedIn, thanking Pichai for taking the time out to write to his daughter.