82-yr-old Hyderabad man to swim 800 metres during World Master Games

, 12:57 PM IST

Hyderabad: 82-year-old Om Autar Seth is travelling from Hyderabad to New Zealand on Monday to compete in the World Master Games. He took to swimming as a regular form of exercise to combat asthma which he developed nearly 50 years ago.

After a 20-year-long stint at Steel Authority Of India Limited, Seth turned a professional swimmer. He secured a number of gold medals at swimming competitions.

The Times of India has quoted him saying, “It was only 15 years ago that I started taking the sport seriously. Even though I am 82, I am capable of swimming for nearly one hour without breaks. I recommend swimming to all those suffering from asthma.”

Seth is participating in the 400 and 800 metre freestyle categories at Auckland; for the first time in an international sporting event.

The secret behind his fitness he says is sticking to a rigorous training regimen, long morning walk coupled with Tai Chi classes and endless hours at a local swimming pool.

Swimming is one of the 28 categories at the World Master Games, which will be kicked off at Aukland on April 21.