Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Advocate arrested for defaming woman judge on social media

Hyderabad: Cyberabad cyber crime police on Tuesday arrested an advocate for creating fake Facebook profile of a woman junior civil judge. The advocate who is also a legal advisor of a private firm in Ramanthapur is said to have posted woman judge’s personal and family pictures on the social media.

The woman judge who belongs to Kompally lodged a complaint with the police stating that she came to know about advocate’s mischief after she received phone calls from her relatives telling that someone is posting her family and kids photos on a fake Facebook profile with comments defaming her character. The pictures were tagged with her name.

After investigations it was found out that the accused Advocate P Mahesh worked along with the complainant in 2010. They developed intimacy. The advocate insisted the judge to speak to him on the phone and got angry over her refusal. Later he resorted to cheap tactics to defame her.

According to police sources, the accused also extorted money from the victim and purchased a car by black mailing her by telling that he has her naked photos of bathing and would upload them on social media.