Afghan consulate in Pakistan’s Peshawar closed for unspecified time

, 4:03 PM IST
A Pakistani policeman stands guard outside the Afghanistan consulate in Peshawar October 7, 2001. The United States launched its long-anticipated attack on Afghanistan on Sunday, bombing command bases, airports and guerrilla training camps and plunging the capital into darkness and panic. The ruling Taliban, in the firing line for harbouring Osama bin Laden, defiantly declared after the air raids that it would "fight to the last breath". REUTERS/Zainal Abd Halim ZH

Peshawar: In a protest against ‘lack of cooperation’ from Pakistani security forces, the Consulate General of

Afghanistan in Peshawar has been closed for an unspecified time.

An official at the mission confirmed that consulate closed operations on Tuesday after vehicles of their diplomatic staff were stopped at a security checkpoint.

“The vehicles were stopped even though they had diplomatic registration numbers,” the Express Tribune quoted the officials as saying adding the mission had stopped working to register protest with the Pakistan government.

According to reports, the Afghan Embassy also confirmed the development. (ANI)