Akali Sarpanch’s husband, son slaps pregnant nurse when asked to wait for doctor

, 11:49 AM IST

MOGA: The husband and son of an Akali sarpanch Daljit Kaur allegedly assaulted a nurse in Baghapurana town on Thursday when she asked them to wait to get their patient admitted at a private hospital here.

The father Paramjit Singh and son Gurjit Singh got upset over not being given preferential treatment started quarrelling with her and out of frustration Paramjit slapped the pregnant nurse and allegedly pushed her.

The nurse claimed.“The Akali leader wanted VIP treatment. He did not want to wait for the doctor to get his patient admitted at the hospital.”

She also alleged that the duo also used derogatory language against her,she said. “The SAD leader’s son too hit me in front of my colleagues.”

Police said on Friday that the duo came to the hospital along with a patient and wanted the hospital staff to admit the patient without delay.

The statement of the nurse has been recorded and action would be taken against the accused, said SHO Gurmail Singh Sekhon.

The entire incident was recorded in a CCTV camera installed inside the hospital.