Monday , August 21 2017
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Akhilesh is a ‘liar’, says Shivpal; snatches CM’s mike

Lucknow: The all-important meeting convened by SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav today to bring warring factions on one dais turned ugly when Shivpal snatched Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s mike and called him a “liar”.

After the party chief asked his son to hug his uncle to bury the hatchet and send a message that all was well in the party, Akhilesh took up the matter of he being referred to as “Aurangzeb” in a report published in an English newspaper.

While Akhilesh was referring the report in which he was branded as “ruthless Mughal emperor Aurangzeb” as part of a “conspiracy” and took the name of Ashu Malik (MLC) to support him, Shivpal emerged from behind to snatch his mike and remarked “CM is telling a lie… I will also speak” bringing the meeting to an abrupt end.

Later clarifying that how the scene turned ugly, Malik said he was being called by the chief minister on the dais to tell Mulayam Singh Yadav the truth behind the story published in the newspaper last month.

“It is half truth which led the supporters to create acrimony… I was called by the chief minister to tell how I had sent a notice to the newspaper over the issue for which they (newspersons) said were tipped off by someone in Delhi after which a corrigendum was also published the next day,” Malik said.

“But before I could say anything, things turned bad,” he said, adding that he was also manhandled by some partymen at the chief minister’s residence earlier this morning.

He said he will take legal action soon in this connection.