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Akola: 5000 Muslim students participated in FIYO’S Students Conference

Akola: 5000 Muslim students participated in FIYO’S Students Conference

By Muslim Mirror News

Akola: Federation of Islamic Youth Organizations (FIYO)’S 2-day national conference concluded successfully here on Monday. While highlighting the human values, noted activist Dr. Ram Puniyani has underlined the threats of saffron terror adding that it is today’s biggest challenge for the humanity.  He also expressed concern over the victimization of Muslims, Dalits, & Christians in the country by saffron groups.

Speaking on the occasion, renowned scholar Adv. R S Adil said the society is in search of solution for modern day problems faced by every human being and Islam can provide all solutions as Islam is exactly relate with human nature.


Member of Rihai Manch Sharad Jaiswal expressed his idea that Muslim community is backward in education so it is first responsibility that they must acquire deep knowledge of rights and laws to counter the misusing of force by the government. Ex MP,Brigadier Sudhir Sawant charged  America  and  Europe countries  with  for  the destruction of human societies. He strongly urged the people to come together to fight against America and its terror.


Father Mathews praises the efforts of federation to compel the session of equality & humanity.

In his presidential remarks, Adv R S Adil quotes that Islam is the way for equality, humanity and brotherhood and it is only the solution of all problems.

National convener of Federation Dr, Wajih-Ul-Qamar said that if we want to live with honour and  dignity then we must have to follow  our creator’s principles. He  also appealed each and every participant to devote their life to spread the Islamic values and ideologies in the society to establish the peace in India and whole the world. About 5000 delegates from various parts of the country came to attend to the conference.

Children drama, exhibition of biographies of great Muslim scientists and historical Muslim personalities also staged during the conference.

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