Alia Bhatt reveals how difficult is to Shoot Rape Scenes & Learn Abusive Dialogues For Udta Punjab!

, 9:23 AM IST

Mumbai: Alia Bhatt, the lead character of “Udta Punjab,” whose dialogues will bow your mind with her accent. Once again proved that she is one of the most wonderfully talented performers of her generation. Alia has revealed how she mastered her dialogues for Udta Punjab and how difficult it was to shoot for a rape scene.

Alia has shed her glam image easily and easily nails the Bihari accent perfectly. She said in an interview that. “I was nervous, it’s not my type of language, but I practiced it so much that it almost became a part of me by the time we ended shooting the film.”

On asking whether she abuse in real life or not. Alia said. “I try not to, I know it doesn’t sound pleasant. But then, it’s not that I don’t abuse at all. I don’t look at it as a taboo. I am a human and when I get very angry, there are a few things which come out of my mouth which actually shouldn’t.”

She also said how difficult it was for her to do rape sequences in the film and how she prepared herself for it. She said. “At the end of the day, we are actors. So we know it’s only a scene and not real. But of course, it’s not easy when people come close to you, hold your hand and try to pin you down.”