Amitabh Bachchan denied money for singing national anthem, says CAB President Sourav Ganguly

, 4:54 PM IST

A report went viral on social media claiming Amitabh Bachchan took 4 crores for singing the national anthem. Now all such rumours can be laid to rest as CAB President Sourav Ganguly went on the record to say that Big B didn’t take a dime to sing the national anthem at Eden Gardens. Anandabazar Patrika quoted him saying

,” Mr Bachchan is one and only,a special person. I am eternally grateful to him” He further said, ” Can you ever imagine someone paying Rs 30 lakhs of his own pocket to perform? He booked his own flight, bought his own tickets and even paid the hotel bills. I literally begged him to take some money but he said that I am doing it for love and there is no question of money being involved”.

—Courtesy:ABP News