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After Amritsar, DataWind now eyes Telangana for new manufacturing unit

After Amritsar, DataWind now eyes Telangana for new manufacturing unit

New Delhi: Leader in low-cost Internet connectivity for emerging markets, DataWind Inc. is all set to establish its second manufacturing unit in Telangana after a successful unit in Amritsar.

The affordable tablet provider in India made Telangana its instant choice after the receptive behavior of the state govt. In an exclusive interview with ANI, CEO Datawind Inc. Suneet Singh Tuli said, “The govt. of Telangana was very receptive towards the idea. They were very aggressive to woo new manufacturers to come into the state. The govt. had already been successful in signing up other phone manufacturers to help set up an ecosystem that further catered to aggressive policies and fast processing time frames.”

“We made our obvious choice with Telangana due to the positive experience coupled with the quality of workforce, educational institutions in that area, strong international airport and excellent infrastructure that would help us take our initiatives ahead,” added Suneet Singh Tuli.

DataWind was recognized for making UbiSlate, the low cost, affordable internet connectivity devices accessible to people at the grass root level and in turn making a transformational impact to the Indian Tech industry.

The tablet brand was also recognized for an award with maximum consumer pull. The award was presented to DataWind during the Tele Analysis Device World 2016, Confluence of Indian Device Ecosystem in New Delhi.

Recently, the company was also announced as the leader in the tablet market in the fourth Quarter of 2015 leaving behind biggies such as Samsung, Lenovo, Micromax and i-ball by both IDC and CMR Report with 20.7 percent and 24 percent market share respectively.

The report suggested DataWind to hold a 58 percent market share in the sub-Rs. 5,000 tablet segment (approximately USD 75) which is the largest growing segment of the overall market, having nearly doubled since 2014. (ANI)