Anti-Hijab agitators left red-faced as principal refuses to ban uniform scarves

, 10:48 AM IST

Mangaluru: The Principal of the Sullia College in a meeting on Saturday made it clear he would not snatch the right of Muslim girl students to wear Hijab.

The decision of the principal has irked the saffron agitators and therefore threatened to continue their protest on the campus, reported the CD daily.

The principal Chandrashekar Kantamangala adviced them to stop politicizing the scarf issue but some students, who apparently vow allegiance to Hindutva groups have been coming to college sporting saffron shawls.

Sullia MLA S Angara, who chaired the meeting asked the Principal to convene a meeting of saffron agitators and lecturers on Tuesday and put an end to the issue.

The Principal while speaking to the media said that some students were being misled by political forces and there are some students and a lecturer, who come to college wearing Hijab.

“This college has been functioning for over two decades. I don’t know why this issue cropped up in the college where a majority of students are from poor financial background.”

A Ex-Principal of the college said the Hindutva organizations are “interfering in the affairs of the college” and because of this, the college had been facing problems.