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AP Govt signed six Mou’s in Gyiyang

AP Govt signed six Mou’s in Gyiyang

A record Six Memorandum of Understandings (MoU’s) were signed between the Andhra Pradesh Government’s Economic Development Board and the leading Chinese companies today in Guiyang.

The state government entered into a agreement with Power China Guizhou Engineering Corp(GEPCC), China State Construction Fourth Engineering Division Co. Ltd, South Huiton Co.,Ltd, Guizhou Chang Taiyuan Energy Saving Building Materials Co., Ltd, ACEDRILLS Rock Tolls Co., Ltd and Guizhou Maritime Silk Road International Investments Corporation.

Power China Guizhou Engineering Corporation proposed to invest in Infrastructure, Renewable energy, Power transmission and distribution, and Industrial Development. The company will invest at various stages in the next year and this is expected to generate 10,000 new jobs.

GEPCC was represented by Mr. Guo Wei, General Manager of PowerChina.

Jasti Krishna Kishore, Chief Executive Officer of Economic Development Board represented the Government of Andhra Pradesh while signing the 6 MoU’s, according to an official release.

A delegation lead by the Chief Minister embarked on a 5 day visit to China to attend the World Economic Forum’s 10th annual meeting. (NSS)