Thursday , August 24 2017
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Apple’s most expensive products

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New York: Apple is a giant in the electronic world, its products are sold mostly for the reputation of the brand, worldwide.

Whether it’s a computer or phone, it has to be expensive, even the cases seem to be relatively pricier than the remaining varieties available in the market. A report from Business Insider has revealed the price of a new product.

Apple have launched AirPod and an Apple Watch at a reasonable price this time, they’ve also come up with a new standard iPad with a price of Rs28900 in India. This time Apple has become easily accessible for people who could not buy the products in the past.

Most Expensive products in the past

Apple Lisa was launched in 1985 at a price of $9,995, which is equivalent to $24000 today. In 1997, the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh or TAM worth $7499 came into existence.

Macintosh Portable (1989) and Apple LaserWriter (1985) were costed $7300 and $6995 respectively, which was a huge amount.

In 2015, Apple devised a watch costing $17000, it was a special edition watch. It contained rose and yellow gold, but due to less demand, it was priced $1300 later, while the baseline model priced at $349.

Another desktop called souped-up Mac Pro was launched in 2013 with a price tag of $20934.45 with all the accessories, and it was a colossal sum.