Article misleading, we never ban ‘Boy-Girl’ chat: Al Khair School response

Article misleading, we never ban ‘Boy-Girl’ chat: Al Khair School response

Responding to the article published by one of the leading news paper, Al-Khair school says the article in the Sunday Times published on 24th Janaury 2016 is utterly misleading and inaccurate.

The Paper was clearly informed that the action was not for ‘innocent communication’ as alleged but for a considerably more serious and sensitive matter which caused considerable distress to another pupil.

Furthermore, the Paper ignored offers to meet to get the full facts before publishing. It is regretful that the Sunday Times chose to publish a deliberately simplistic and misleading article.

The Ofsted Inspectors were informed of this incident during the Ofsted Inspection and felt assured that the matter had been dealt with appropriately.

The early reports:

Sunday Times published an article, which was republished by other media that the Islamic school in the UK was under investigation for suspending a teenager for conversing with a member of opposite sex on its premises.

The pupil, whose identity and gender are not being disclosed for legal reasons, studied at Al-Khair secondary school in Croydon, south London.

The parent of the pupil has attacked the policy of the private Islamic school as nonsense, saying it meant students were not being prepared for life in British society.

How are these kids going to integrate in the wider shape of society when they have to work in the same places that [people of the opposite sex] are working? This is totally nonsense, the parent stated.

Meanwhile, Al Khair School is making a formal complaint to the Press Regulator and other action may follow when we have taken appropriate advice.