Assaulting Muslim women under the pretext of carrying beef is a scar on our society: Dr. Asa Zohra

, 9:32 AM IST

Hyderabad: Dr. Asa Zohra, President of Shariat Protection Committee in a press statement issued yesterday condemned strongly the inhuman assault of Muslim women under the pretext of carrying beef by Bajrang Dal activities. She said that it is an ugly scar on the cultured society of this country which should be condemned strongly by all the citizens.

She further said that ever since BJP assumed power in the centre, the activists of Gow Raksha have been resorting to violence in some city or the other. Leaders of BJP and RSS are silent on such inhuman acts. There is a need for all the social and secular forces to raise their voice against such acts. She demanded the Govt. to take stern action against the culprits.

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