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Baked Vanilla Cream

baked vanilla cream


4 egg yolks

75 gm castor sugar

400 ml cream

1 tsp vanilla essence caramel

75 gm sugar

75 ml water

Drops of peppermint oil

400 gm sliced seasonal fruit

2-3 Tbsp castor sugar


Beat egg yolks and sugar together.

Boil cream and pour onto the egg mixture, stir to mix.

Add vanilla essence and strain into a 1″ deep ovenproof dish.

Bake at 170 degrees until set.

Chill overnight.

To make caramel:

Dissolve sugar in water.

Boil to a deep caramel color.

Add mint flavoring.

Then pour onto an oiled tray.

Allow it to set.

Sprinkle over custard before serving.

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