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Beautician Sirisha committed suicide after being called a prostitute by her lover

HYDERABAD: The Banjara Hills Police in its remand report has revealed facts about the recent suicide case of beautician Vijaylakshmi also known as Sirisha which forced the deceased to take the drastic step after being humiliated and also being called a prostitute by her friend Rajiv in front of SI of Kuknurpally.

The deceased committed suicide on 13 June following the mental harassment she went through for being repeatedly abused by friends and for being mistaken as a characterless person.

The deceased was a married woman and was friends with Sravan and Rajiv. She used to work with Rajiv who was believed to be having affair with her. Sirisha was very upset for being called a characterless person and having an illicit relationship with by Rajiv’s girlfriend.

Sirisha along with Rajiv and Sravan approached SI Prabhakar Reddy to solve the issue between Sirisha, Rajiv and her girlfriend. They visited his quarters with a bottle of liquor. In some time the SI tried convincing Rjiv and Sravan to visit a nearby brothel. The duo denied his offer saying it was not the appropriate time. Sirisha who overheard the entire conversation grew suspicious about SI for forcing her friends to visit a brothel.

According to the Police, worried Sirisha sent multiple messages to Rajiv on whatsapp saying, “I can feel that something is wrong please don’t leave me. Please do not leave me and go.”

Though the duo did not go to brothel, but when they both left the room for a second time to smoke, the SI started molesting Sirisha after partly closing the door.

“When Rajiv and Sravan entered the room, the SI was close to Sirisha. She was in a frightened state crying and pleading with the SI, saying that she was not that type of a woman,” police said in the remand report.

“By now Sirisha started weeping aloud saying that all of them forgot the purpose of the visit and were trying to do some nonsense (sic),” police said.

On seeing Rajiv and Sravan the SI tried to convince the duo for the second time to visit the nearby brothel. But Rajiv on seeing SI close to Sirisha lost his temper and started abusing her in front of the SI.

Rajiv after abusing her tried taking her back to the city but the Sirisha wouldn’t stop crying for the mistreatment she received at his hand. He then abused her even more and beat her said her Police.

The duo further along with Sirisha forced her into Rajiv’s vehicle, left the quarters and started for Hyderabad. “En route, Sirisha, continue crying and even tried to get down from the moving vehicle. Rajiv the dragged her back into the vehicle holding her by her hair and called her a prostitute in Telugu,” police said.

“Crying, Sirisha told Rajiv in the car that his girlfriend Tejaswini treated her as prostitute and even he called her a prostitute and beat her up. She said that the SI Prabhakar Redd whom they approached for help, has also been treating her like a `characterless person’,” revealed police in the remand report, Times of India reported.