Belgian authorities ban anti-Islamist rally in Brussels, expect clashes

, 3:35 PM IST

Brussels (Belgium) : Authorities in Belgian capital Brussels have banned a far-right European youth group from mounting an anti-Islam demonstration in anticipation of clashes in the predominantly Muslim neighborhood of Molenbeek.

According to a US Today report, the new French political movement, Generation Identitaire, had called for a an “anti-Islamists” demonstration on its website recently, and described Moleenbeek as “a real Islamist breeding ground.”

The Generation Identitaire is promoting a clear and simple message “Islamists out of Europe!”

Last week. hundreds of black-clad youth shouting Nazi slogans disrupted a memorial at Brussels’ Borse Square that had been called on behalf of 32 people killed in the March 22 terrorist attacks at Brussels airport and subway system.

The protesters, who were driven out by police using water cannon, helped prompt authorities to ban Saturday’s demonstration in Molenbeek.There was no sign the group would heed the ban. (ANI)