Monday , August 21 2017
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Bernie wins Oregon primary, Clinton claims Kentucky

New York: Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton battled to a neck-to-neck outcome in Kentucky’s presidential primary Tuesday, with the former secretary of state claiming it to be a match-up against Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, while the Vermont senator claimed Oregon.

She won the state by half a percentage point with nearly all the votes counted and was declared winner, the Kentucky secretary of state’s office said that with all precincts reporting, Clinton held a 1,923-vote lead over Sanders, reports CNN.

Though the race in Kentucky was too close to call, but Clinton wrote on her Twitter feed, “We just won Kentucky! Thanks to everyone who turned out. We’re always stronger united.”

The New York Billionaire won the sole GOP contest in Oregon, where the Vermont senator was declared the winner shortly.

Sanders, rallying supporters in California said that he would end up with about half of the delegates in Kentucky.

“Before we will have the opportunity to defeat Donald Trump, we’re going to have to defeat Secretary Clinton,” New York Post quoted Sanders as saying.

Clinton holds a commanding lead of nearly 300 pledged delegates over Sanders.

Almost nearing the end of a long primary slog, the two Democratic candidates are preparing for June 7 primaries in California, New Jersey and four other states and then the District of Columbia primary on June 14.

The former secretary of state is 94 delegates away from clinching the Democratic nomination with pledged delegates and superdelegates combined.

Meanwhile, Trump needs fewer than 100 delegates to get to the magic number of 1,237. (ANI)