Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Beware! Man arrested for texting ‘Jai Pakistan’ on WhatsApp

Two college students were arrested for posting pro-Pakistan slogans on WhatsApp during the India-Pakistan cricket match in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district on March 19. They were released the same day upon executing a ‘good conduct’ bond, police said.

The incident occured in Puttur Town near here when one of the students of a local degree college had posted on a ‘WhatsApp’ group ‘Pakistan Ki Jai’, to which his classmates objected, they said. The group stood divided over the statement as some objected to the post and others supported it.

This spread in the local area, and was also brought to the notice of the police.The police summoned the students and asked them to sign a bond. Backgrounds of the students were also verified and it was found that there was no malafide intention in posting the chat. Hence, the case was closed.”

Earlier, six JNU students were charged with sedition over alleged anti-national and pro-Pakistan sloganeering on campus. The event led to criticism of the government by both foreign and Indian media.