BJP complains to Governor–Govt violating rights of MLAs

, 8:14 PM IST

BJP state president Dr K Laxman has alleged that the state government was violating the rights of the members in the Legislative Assembly. The BJP leaders have met Governor ESL Narasimhan here on Sunday and urged the latter to protect the rights of the MLAs in the House.


Later speaking to the media, Laxamn alleged that the government was curbing the rights of the members, who were trying to raise the public issues in the Legislative Assembly. It was atrocious on the part of the state government, which was planning to shift the Dharna Chowk from the Indira Park, to see that there won’t be a chance to the peoples’ organizations and poor people to lodge their protest. He questioned the state government to tell as to how far it was correct on it’s part in not inviting the BJP to the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting.


Earlier, the BJP MLAs staged a silent protest at Gun Park wearing black ribbons, kanduvas demanding the state government to withdraw the suspension imposed on them in the Legislative Assembly. They organized a rally to the Assembly carrying placards. Speaking to the media, BPLP leader G Kishan Reddy asked the state government to tell as to how the suspension to be applicable to them as it was the special session. BJP state president Dr Laxman said that it was not proper for the state government to suspend the BJP MLAs, who questioned the state government on religious reservations. (NSS)