Wednesday , August 23 2017
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“BJP MPs, MLAs submit bank transaction details to Amit Shah”: Modi

Delhi: After an announcement made by PM Modi on November 8, December 31 is the last date for swapping the demonetized currency of 500 and 1,000 banknotes.

After transparency demand made by opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asked BJP legislators and parliamentarians to submit details of their bank transactions between November 8 and December 31 to party chief Amit Shah.

Opposition has demanded Centre’s demonetisation decision by questioning the real motive behind it.

Opposition parties disrupted the functioning of Parliament for the 11th day on Tuesday on this issue.

Though the government has dismissed any allegations, oppositions alleged that the demonetisation move was “leaked” in advance to favour those close to the ruling dispensation.

Opposition has demanded the setting up of a joint parliamentary committee to probe it.

The ruling party is also under attack following reports that before Rs 500 and 1,000 notes ceased to be legal tenders, the BJP’s Bihar unit had bought huge chunks of land and its West Bengal unit deposited a substantial amount of money in a bank.

Sources in the Opposition camp, however, indicated that they were likely to dismiss the latest move on three grounds:

Firstly, the PM’s instructions might pre-empt any substantial deposits by BJP legislators.

Secondly, even if some BJP MPs and MLAs had hoarded black money, they would be foolhardy to deposit it in a bank in their own names.

Thirdly, they should have been asked to declare their deposits for the last one year at least.