Monday , August 21 2017
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BJP’s hate mongering over Hyderabad merger condemned

Hyderabad: A meeting of Martyr’s Day was held by Police Action Memorial Committee at Urdu Ghar, Moghalpura. Mr. Abdus Sattar Mujahed supervised the meeting. Activist Dr. K Chiranjeevi, Mr. Osman Shaheed and Maulvi Alauddin Ansari addressed on the occasion. Dr. Chiranjeevi advised BJP to remind itself of the Muslim genocide done in the name of police action and asked not to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of Telangana.

Dr. Chiranjeevi said that BJP is doing hate mongering for political gains. By presenting some documentary evidences he questioned BJP that had Asif Jah VII been communal or Hyderabad state was forcibly obtained from Asif Jahi rulers then how could it be possible that Asif Jah VII was appointed as Rajpramukh of Hyderabad state which was included in Indian Union. He also demanded Telangana government to control activities of BJP and the like-minded organisations which are trying to disrupt peace of the state.

Senior advocate Osman Shaheed said Urdu media by publishing articles on Hyderabad merger based on falsehood are instilling hatred among other countrymen against Muslim rulers of Hyderabad state. Quoting an article published in an English newspaper he said the said newspapers which declared Razakars as oppressors why it doesn’t mention the killings of 3 lakh Muslims in the name of police action. Why they do not narrate stories of the distressing situation faced by the Muslims after Hyderabad merger.

Mr. Abdus Sattar Mujahed asked the government to bring Pandit Sunderlal Patwa committee report to the light.

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