Thursday , August 17 2017
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Blind girl passes examination in the UK

London: Simran Kaur, an 18-year-old Indian-origin girl in the UK who went partially-blind after she was hit by Glaucoma in her left eye, passed all her exams even though she was unable to attend all her classes..Simran from Villiers High School in Southall, west London, was advised to take a year off but decided to complete her A-Levels, the secondary school leaving qualification in the UK.

“It started pretty much as soon as I started my A-levels so you could say it was really bad timing. The teachers tried to convince me to take a break and do it next year. They were looking out for me but I was so determined I even went to the head-teacher to convince him I could do it. He believed in me, which I am so grateful for. My friends thought I was crazy taking the exams without being able to see. I suppose it was but it all worked out. I was way behind in my studies and obviously studying was quite hard without being able to see. My sight is good now and everything is ok but it will always be a time I remember as a real challenge,” said Simran.

Simran has now been offered admission to Hertfordshire University but is weighing up her options for university.