Boko Haram: 32 troops killed

Boko Haram: 32 troops killed

NIAMEY: Niger’s defence ministry on Saturday said “Thirty-two troops were killed in a clash with Boko Haram fighters on Niger’s border with Nigeria”, one of deadliest tolls inflicted by the militants.

In neighbouring Nigeria, the army meanwhile said it had killed 19 Boko Haram militants in separate fighting in northeast Borno state, while two soldiers suffered gunshot wounds.

The defence ministry gave a statement which gave a “provisional toll” of 30 Nigerien and two Nigerian soldiers killed and 67 wounded.

“On the enemy’s side, several dead and injured were taken away,” the ministry said.

“Boko Haram elements effectively took control of the town temporarily, but now they were dislodged,” a security source said.

Local resident and former MP Elhaj Aboubacar said: “They drove up at twilight, shouting Allahu Akbar (God is Great), they fired a lot of shots and torched many places in Bosso.”

“We don’t know where our military went, but one thing is for sure, Boko Haram were able to do what they liked until dawn,” Aboubacar said.

“The situation is under control and calm has returned,” the defence ministry said, adding that a “mopping up” operation was underway by land and air.