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Britain apologizes for attack on Saudi Gen. Al-Assiri

Britain apologizes for attack on Saudi Gen. Al-Assiri

RIYADH: Britain has apologized after an egg was thrown at a Saudi military official during a visit to London, Saudi state media said Sunday.

An anti-war activist last week attempted a “citizen’s arrest” of Maj. Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri, spokesman for the Saudi-led Gulf coalition fighting rebels in Yemen, before another threw an egg that hit Al-Assiri in the back.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to apologize for “the attack on Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri by protesters,” the Saudi Press Agency said.

Al-Assiri told AFP he had been “subject to aggression” by protesters critical of Riyadh’s operations in Yemen.
Video posted on Twitter showed a protester approaching Al-Assiri, putting his hand on the general’s shoulder and announcing he was placing him under citizen’s arrest before being pushed aside by security personnel.

Another protester followed Al-Assiri’s security detail to the entrance of a building, where he threw an egg that hit the general in the back.

Britain has in recent weeks moved to strengthen ties with Gulf states including Qatar, which last week announced plans to invest $5 billion in the UK in the coming three to five years.

Prime Minister Theresa May also attended a Gulf Arab Summit in December for talks on trade.