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BSP leader Verma asks Yogi’s Government about his plans to curb crime in the State

BSP leader Verma asks Yogi’s Government about his plans to curb crime in the State

Lucknow: Yogi Adityanath Government is being asked for answers to his claims about the Governments plans to curb crime in the state, which he said, would soon come to an end, by the BSP party.

The government is “merely blowing its own trumpet” by making announcements about different works but it has not taken any concrete steps, BSP legislature party leader Lalji Verma said speaking in the Assembly during the motion of thanks on Governor Ram Naik’s address.

“What is the plan for controlling crime? Despite Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath making statements time and again, there appears to be no control on criminals,” Verma said.

Verma claims since the new administration came into power in March, crime has even more increased throughout the State.

“The governor’s address states that women can roam about freely even at 12 in the night whereas the cases of rape have increased and they are feeling terrorized,” stated Verma.

He recalled several incidents that happened in the past few months including the death of an IAS officer asking how far did the Government come in curbing crime in the state.

“In the home district of the chief minister, Gorakhpur, 18 major cases of loot have taken place as criminals feel emboldened that their interests are safe” said Verma.

The next thing Verma urged to ask The Yogi’s Government is about the encroached Government lands, which they said, an individual task force would be appointed to look into the matter, he also asks what steps are taken by the government towards making roads pothole free.

“If they do not give details, it means that these are mere announcements,” said Verma, adding that government had said that it will set up 25 medical colleges and eight AIIMS-type institutes for which they have to arrange doctors which seems not happening.

“This is a kind of magical government like the central one which has not yet fulfilled, even after three years in office, the promise of Rs 15 lakh in everyone’s account and creating 2 crore jobs annually,” says Verma.

Verma allegorizes the new government to that of a new bride, who pretends to work only to impress others.

Other BJP leaders like Satish Mahana, Sheetal Pandey, Sanjay Sharma and Om Prakash Rajbhar BSP also participated in the discussion.

Previously on Suresh Khanna’s, Urban Development Minister’s reply about the Police raid on MLA Vinay Shankar Tewari house in Gorakhpur few days back, irked the BSP leaders and they marched to express their dissatisfaction.

The members alleged that it was a case of political conflict, as reported in Indian Express.