How can a party contesting on just 60 wards grab mayor’s position?

, 1:54 PM IST

‘Asaduddin Owaisi is a liar who is shouting slogan that MIM will bag GHMC mayor post’, said Mohammed Ali Shabbir while addressing a press conference. How can a party contesting on just 60 seats make such claim? Even if the party gets 100 out of 100 seats then also its dream will not come true as atleast 76 corporators are needed for bagging mayor’s seat.

Mr. Shabbir appealed the people to ask the leaders of MIM if they come to them for seeking votes during election campaign, ‘why MIM is not taking any stand with regard to 12 % Muslim reservations while 25000 Muslims will get job opportunities and 25000 Muslim students will get higher education opportunities every year. Why they are silent on this issue. M A Shabbir termed this silence as big dealing and conspiracy.

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